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The Sports Date Is: Monday, February 19, 2018

Attention Coaches and Athletic Directors!!
Save time by using our new admin feature!!

We have had a few select coaches from around the state testing out a new feature that we developed over the winter that will, we hope, be a blessing to us both. For the first time coaches have the ability to enter in their teamís information themselves, without having to wait for our staff to enter it before it is live online. Coaches can enter and edit scores, stats, rosters, schedules, etc. themselves, or through a trusted assistant.
All that is required is for the coach to contact me for their unique username and password. The password only grants access to one particular schoolís information. This will speed up the turn-around time on your end, plus, it will free us up to work on other projects to expand and enhance the web site.
We hope that many of you take advantage of this new feature. While schedules and rosters are available to all sports, scores and stats are currently limited to baseball and softball. We hope to be able to track scores and stats from the other sports as well, but it will depend on how many schedules and rosters we have to take time to manually enter. Please email me as soon as possible to get set up with your username and password.

Request your username and password by writing me at Editor@IdahoSports.com or fill out the form below.
Include your name, school, and position with that school.

Complete From To Receive Your Username and Password

School Name:
Your Name:
Your Email Address:
Position at School:
Contact Phone:

Although we receive some information from the IHSAA, we rely heavily on individual school participation to make IdahoSports.com a success. From schedule corrections to game scores, if you see we are missing something, or have something entered incorrectly, PLEASE let us know.

To send us information, choose from the options below.

Enter Scores - Click Here Submit Scores To Us | Click Here Use The New Admin Page
  • We try to keep up with scores from around the state, but some scores just always slip through the cracks. Check either your school's main page or scores from the last 7 days for scores we might not have. If you know the score of game that we don't have, feel free to send it in.
    Individual game scores are essential to keeping our Power Rankings as accurate as possible. If you know we have an incorrect score listed, please let us know
Enter Stats - Click Here To Submit Stats To Us | Click Here Use The New Admin Page
  • IdahoSports.com can keep track of your teams GAME-BY-GAME stats, compiling them into year to date information, automatically. A player can keep track of their progress by seeing how they are doing, game by game. This feature is one that we are most proud of. The technology was designed in-house to allow the athletes and their families to view their "glory days" for years to come.
To ensure that our TOP ATHLETES feature is as accurate as possible we require that stats be sent to us under a few conditions. First, they MUST BE GAME-BY-GAME stats. No year to date stats will be accepted. Second, stats must be sent to us on either the stats sheets provided by us, or, if you are using a CyberStats program, just print off the stats and fax them to us.

Send Us Rosters/Schedules

We are developing online forms for submitting rosters. We have the girl's and boy's basketball forms done now.
You can send us your team's roster in many different ways.
  • Send it in an email.
  • Attach it in an email as a Word document
  • Fax it over on a piece of paper
  • Fax a game program

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