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The Harry LeMoyne Award
In memory of Harry LeMoyne, each year The World Sports Humanitarian Hall of Fame and IdahoSports.com co-sponsor The Harry LeMoyne Award. Coaches, teachers, and other faculty members are encouraged to nominate high school seniors who have excelled in service, leadership, academics, and athletics. Only eight winners and five Honorable Mentions are awarded each year.
2001-02 Winners Chosen!



Past HLM Winners


Who is Harry LeMoyne?

When Harry LeMoyne left Harvard in 1904 for Idaho, the Boston Globe wrote, "The athletic world lost one of the greatest natural born athletes this country has ever produced." There was not one single popular sport in which the young "Hercules" ever participated in which he did not excel.

At swimming he was the peer of all sprint swimmers in the world for four years. He held world freestyle records in the 25 yard, 50 yard, 60 yard, and 100 yard sprints. At Harvard he captained the polo team and was the oarsman on the collegiate championship crew team. Harry held the world's record in the 16 pound shot as a school boy with a throw of 47 feet, 6 inches. The record still stands for high school competition as the 16 pound shot is no longer used in high school competition.

When he entered Harvard University, he was hailed as the greatest school boy athlete ever. In those years Harvard was a powerhouse in college football. His freshman year he was an honorable mention all-American at the guard position. He was also the team's punter. In the West Point game he kicked seven times for an average of 65 yards per kick. He was also on the varsity track team, adept at the shot-put, long and high jump, and the hammer throw.

It should be noted that Harry qualified for the Olympics in 1904 and 1906. Although not participating, his swimming marks and shot-put record were not equaled during these two Olympiads.

Disillusioned with the East and college life, Harry and his brother, Charles, came to Idaho in 1904 to begin sheep ranching. Although retaining his interest in sports, Harry never again participated in organized events, returning to the East coast only for short visits.

Harry lived the rest of his life in Hailey and Hagerman, Idaho. Because he was reticent and exceptionally modest, his Idaho friends never learned of his athletic prowess. One writer described Harry as a "child of nature" and happiest when he was hunting or trapping in the woods. Perhaps that explains why he came to Idaho and remained here for the rest of his life.

The last time Harry LeMoyne was listed in the sports headlines was in 1984 when he was inducted into the Swimming Hall of Fame in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He passed away in Hagerman in 1988 at the age of 99.

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