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The Sports Date Is: Monday, February 19, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions!

  1. Who sponsors IdahoSports.com?
  2. Why isn't there more information for my high school?
  3. Why are there mistakes on IdahoSports.com?

1. Who sponsors IdahoSports.com?

While IdahoSports.com has several advertising sponsors, 100% of the time required to maintain and update the site comes from volunteer time by the staff. The staff is made up of full and part-time employees of The Internet Truckstop (as well as outside volunteers) who build and maintain IdahoSports.com in their spare time, while not at work for The Internet Truckstop.

Site financial expenses are covered 95% by The Internet Truckstop. The Internet Truckstop is an Idaho based business which matches available freight with available trucks for the trucking industry nationwide. It is the first and largest business of its kind on the Internet.

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2. Why isn't there more information for my high school?

We rely almost entirely on coaches and fans for information and we publish everything that is sent to us. If information is missing, it is only because no one has sent it to us.

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3. Why are there mistakes on IdahoSports.com?

We do our best to make sure that information is accurate. If we find a mistake we will correct it. We also invite fans and coaches to e-mail corrections to us as well (send corrections to editor@idahosports.com). However, we will not add or change stats already posted unless a member of the coaching staff verifies the additions or corrections. We have adopted this policy because of past experience with athletes, parents, and fans who gave us inaccurate information.

Some of the reasons mistakes occur include the following:

  • Most of our information is faxed to us and faxes are often difficult to read,
  • Coaches and stats keepers don't always have the best hand-writing,
  • Coaches don't always use standard statistical methods and definitions,
  • We are not immune to typos, and
  • Coaches and stats keepers sometimes don't have it correct themselves
    (we once had two coaches who couldn't even agree on what the final score was).

We are working on ways to reduce the number of mistakes. For example:

  • A new system called SportsDesk allows participating coaches to enter their own stats rather than sending us a fax,
  • We are publishing standards and definitions for stats,
  • We are programming the computer to check stats for logical errors,
  • We proof read all our data entry.

Thanks to all the coaches, parents, fans, sponsors, athletes,
and the staff at IHSAA for making IdahoSports.com possible!

This service is hosted by:
IdahoSports.com and The Internet Truckstop
P.O. Box 99, New Plymouth, ID 83655
Phone: 888-777-5543     Fax: 888-777-5571

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